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VOYAGE magazine is a guide in the exciting world of luxury travelling and has no analogue on the Bulgarian market. It will open the door to each and every destination you have dreamt of giving you the chance to peek through some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, to explore the starry haute cuisine, to dive deep in the cristal waters of incredible faraway destinations, and to relax in the warmth of an exclusive winter chatelet’s chimney. VOYAGE Magazine keeps you updated about the hot travel news and global luxury trends. It gives you all the information and tips needed to chose your next destination and make your holiday even better than you have expected.

In each issue of the magazine we present a special selection of hotels and resorts that uncompromisingly meet our philosophy about lux as dedicated service, personal touch, undeviatingly attention to the smallest detail and unforgettable authentic experiences. The destinations, products and services are chosen to fulfill highest-class requirements. VOYAGE Magazine partners are top hotel chains, cruise and airlines, national tourist boards, Bulgarian and foreign travel organizations.


Circulation & Reader Profile

  High-end lifestyle magazine
  6 000
  IRIS PR. Ltd
  15 BGN.
Audience profile:  
  20 000
  Male  45%
  Female  55%
  18-25               10%
  25-35               31%
  35-45               39%
  +46                  20%
  university degree   79%
  high school degree  21%    
Social status:
  students             13%
  employed           81%
  unemployed         6%


Distribution and periodicity

The magazine is issued 4 times a year – in the beginning of March, June, September and December. Each issue is dedicated to the destinations and the travel features of the forthcoming season. VOYAGE is distributed to selected 5-star hotels in Bulgaria, Golf clubs, business and VIP lounges at Bulgarian airports, Bank offices and showrooms of elite automobile brands, in the business class of charter airlines flying from Bulgaria etc. In addition, VOYAGE is distributed to more then 800 points of sale in Bulgaria, as well as to the nationwide network of petrol stations and big shopping centers.



Winter - December 2019, 2020
Spring - March 2019, 2020
Summer - June 2019, 2020
Fall - September 2019, 2020

All advertising materials must be received two weeks before publication.



VOYAGE magazine it is the only exclusive edition for luxury travel in Bulgaria and really unique for the Bulgarian market.


Advertising rates

COVER                     PRICE

Inside front cover        1900 EUR
Inside back cover       1700 EUR
Outside back cover     2500 EUR

PAGE           PRICE

1/1 page       1250 EURO
1/2 page       650 EURO
1/3 page       450 EURO


1st double spresd     2700 EURO
2nd double spresd    2500 EURO
Double spresd          2100 EURO



VOYAGE magazine partners up with Fiesta Travel and Dertour Bulgaria travel agencies. Their communication channels can be included in the promotional packed upon request.


Technical requirements

Magazine size: Bleed size 215/307 mm (trim size 210/297 mm);
Trimming:: 5 mm at the top and bottom, and 5 mm on either left or right side depending on page.
Spread: Bleed size 430/307 mm (trim size 420/297 mm);
Note:The pages of VOYAGE Magazine are glued together. It is not recommended that text or important information are placed less than 10 mm away from the fold (the inner side of the page).
Increase for guaranteed position: 15%
Circulation: 6000
VOYAGE is published 4 times a year



23 James Bourchier Blvd,
1647 Sofia

Editor in Chief:
Mira Badjeva

Office & Distribution:
Boiko Bonev
mobile.: +359 888 835796

Sales & Advertising:
mobile: +359 888 469968